Orient Gene Antigen Test

The swab tests are, thanks to its ease of use, implementable in any setting. The overall test-procedure is the same, however you can either choose the nasopharyngeal or the anterior nasal swab. Antigen tests help identify Covid-19 infection carriers and thus prevent spreading of the virus. The lateral flow antigen test distributed by Noviral has been widely used on more than 500,000 patients and in more than 20 countries. The test is easily administered by trained professionals and provides high accuracy test results within 15 minutes.

  • CE-certified and EUA approved
  • Professional Use
  • Turnaround time approx. 15 minutes
  • 20 pcs per box

Performance charateristics

Nasopharyngeal Test:

Sensitivity: >96%

Specificity: >99%


Nasal Test:

Sensitivity: >97%

Specificity: >99%

Test components

  • 20 Test Cassettes
  • 20 Extraction Buffer Vials
  • 20 Sterile Swabs
  • 20 Extraction Tubes and Tips
  • 1 Workstation
  • 1 Package Insert

How to use the test


About Us

Noviral Sweden AB is a registered care provider under the supervision of the Swedish Heath and Care Inspectorate ( IVO).

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