DigiTrack – systematic data collection and performance monitoring

DigiTrack provides health care professionals free of charge with an intuitive way to register test results. Patients are given the opportunity to fill in information before testing and receive test results directly in DigiTrack.


DigiTrack is used to collect data in an application that gives health care provides an intuitive and safe way to register test results.


DigiTrack collects and compiles test data at the individual and organizational level.

Area of use

Enables follow-up and KPI tracking over time. Provides a good basis for decision making that can be used to ensure a return to the workplace.

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DigiTrack enables health care givers to collect test data on an organizational level providing a clear oversight of test results. Collective data gives a basis to support companies and organizations in making the right decision about the next step in a safe return to the workplace and minimizes the risk of new contagion.


DigiTrack enables patients to fill in vital information before receiving the test. The test results then safely becomes available to the patient trough DigiTrack whenever, wherever the patient wishes to view the indivudal test results.


DigiTrack is available on multiple platforms in order to simplify and provide a seamless user experience.


Aggregated and anonymized DigiTrack data is shared with collaborating partners within the science community and with concerned authorities contributing to an increased knowledge about COVID-19 and spread of the disease.


DigiTrack is developed with highest data security implementations in mind as well as the greatest level of integrity of the user. Noviral wants users to feel safe with DigiTrack and the usage of personal data and information. All sensitive data is encrypted and solemnly aggregated and anonymized data is presented to other users of the services. DigiTrack follows the EU guidelines for GDRP and the Swedish Patient Data Act. Noviral handles all personal data in Sweden. Noviral has subcontractors mainly in the EU/EES answering to GDPR. In case of subcontractors outside the EU/EEU Noviral takes responsibility to ensure a continues secure data transfer to such subcontractor according to the by the EU commission stated standard clause regarding transferring personal data to countries outside EU/EES.

If you need help with DigiTrack, SymptomTracker or have any other questions please feel free to contact our support team.


DigiTrack is free of charge for health care providers. Please contact Noviral for more information.