DigiTrack - Systematic data collectionand performance monitoring

DigiTrack is Noviral’s web application for data collection, results monitoring and analysis. DigiTrack is used by both the individual employees and by healthcare personnel during the test cases. Subsequently, data is compiled in a structured and secure way for companies, which gives a good overview of how many employees are or have been infected by Covid-19.


Digital application for data collection


Collects and compiles test data at the individual and organizational levels

Area of use

Enables follow-up and KPI tracking over time. Provides a good basis for decision making that can be used to ensure a return to the workplace.

For Company

DigiTrack compiles and analyzes test data at the organizational level. The compilation provides a good basis for making the right decision about the next step in a safe return to the workplace. The data collection also enables monitoring and KPI tracking over time.

For Employees

Each employee receives their test result in DigiTrack and receives an appropriate recommendation going forward. This minimizes the risk of new contagion in the workplace and makes every employee feel secure with the process of returning to work.

Contribute to research

Data collected in DigiTrack is shared with our collaborating partners within the Academy of Research and also with the Public Health Agency. This will help us learn more about Covid-19 and get a national overview of the spread of infection.