Swedish test supplier Noviral in collaboration with Microsoft – valuing a quarter of a million Swedish crowns

Swedish test supplier Noviral has been selected to be a part of the exclusive Microsoft for Startups program. Noviral, one of Sweden’s fastest growing test suppliers, have in a short time rocketed and Microsoft for Startups has since the start two years ago connected thousands of startups globally with its client- and partner networks. Two years after launching Microsoft for Startups, startups in the program are on track to close over $1 billion in sales in 2020.

– In a short time Noviral has grown amazingly fast and just keeps expanding. Being backed up by Microsoft will enable further expansion of the business. That Microsoft, just like us, believes in Noviral and offers us the opportunity to be a part of Microsoft for Startups feels confident, says Mikael Jämtberg, CEO of Noviral.

Microsoft for Startups is a global program to support small companies. Microsoft for Startups works with companies to provide cloud services and community mentorship needed to catalyze early success.

– To Noviral this means we gain access to resources preparing marketing activities and opening access to a sales team consisting of over 30 000 sales representatives and 800 000 partners globally, says Mikael Jämtberg.

In addition to cloud services and community mentorship startups included in Microsoft for Startups are offered support in order to reach out to the Microsoft partner echo system, access to development tools, technical support and ability to use the cloud service Azure to a value of 120 000 dollar. The purpose of Microsoft bringing the Microsoft for startups program to Sweden is to become an important collaborative partner to the already existing and growing echo system of startups in the country.

– Microsoft actively looks for companies in Sweden to grow with. Noviral focuses on a vital area we believe is important to work with today, says Peggy Poon, startup- and partner manager Microsoft for Startup.

Noviral is one of Sweden’s largest test suppliers and supplies regional health care, occupational health care, digital caregivers, pharmacies, and health organizations, among others.

– We continue to focus on Novirals overall concept, a safe return to a normal every day. That includes helping employers opening the workplace and let employees return and to be able to stay at the workplace by reducing the risk of continuous spreading of disease using our digital tracking tool DigiTrack. Noviral is today offering one of the most reliable anti body rapid tests on the market and the key to success has been the ability to collaborate with strategical clients and partners. Our strategy has been to bring the possibilities with testing, regarding public utility and socioeconomics, to the forefront. Being a part of Microsoft for Startups, giving us the initial value of a quarter of a million Swedish crowns in technical platform availability means a great opportunity for Noviral to extend that strategy, says Mikael Jämtberg, CEO Noviral.

For more information:
Anders Åker, CCO Noviral
anders.aker@noviral.se +46(0)703648422

About Noviral
Noviral is a company founded following the Covid-19-pandemic with the vision to help employers and organizations to return their employees efficiently and safely to the workplace. Noviral offers high quality Covid-19-tests, planning and execution of testing, experts and advise along with digital solutions to track and follow symptoms and the spread of infection on a large scale in a long term. The overall concept from Noviral provides support and structure needed by companies to be able to proceed towards a normal every day. Noviral also supports research and authorities by sharing collected data. The company is founded by entrepreneurs and investors within medicine, technique, and logistics and since the beginning Noviral has had a medical advisory board providing advice and expertise within medicine, research, and immunology.