Noviral provides rapid anti body tests to Swedish digital healthcare provider Min Doktor – 90% tested negative for Coronavirus antibodies

Since the beginning of June Noviral has as one of two suppliers provided antibody rapid tests to the Swedish digital health care provider Min Doktor. According to initial statistics 89,8 percent of all tests turned out negative for Coronavirus antibodies.

Testing, conducted by health care professionals, consists of using a pinprick sample of a patient’s blood with a result provided within 15 minutes. Min Doktor is currently using two different types of rapid antibody tests; one is provided by the Swedish test supplier Noviral.

– We feel confident that Min Doktor, a major player, chose Noviral as a supplier of rapid antibody tests and together we are closely monitoring the data provided. The combination of reliable tests and coordinated collecting data has since the start been a major foundation for Noviral. We are convinced of the importance of including rapid tests in the overall test strategy along with other types of tests, says Mikael Jämtberg, CEO Noviral.

Statistics provided by Min Doktor shows that 89,8 percent of all anti body rapid tests performed on any of Min Doktors healthcare- and vaccination clinics around the country between the 5th and the 15th of June 2020 turned out negative for Coronavirus antibodies. Among those tested 4,9 percent provided a positive test result, showing covid-19 isolated lgG antibodies.

– An additional 5,2 percent has had another result where both IgM, that indicates a recently or currently ongoing infection, and IgG, indication an immunity, could be found. These should really be included in the positive results. That one part of the country has hade more people with both IgG and IgM could indicate that the specific region has had more people infected prior to the testing begun and that causes national variations, says Henrik Kangro, chief medical officer at Min Doktor.

Skåne, in the southern part of Sweden, provided 92,8 percent negative test results, 5,2 percent positive and 2,0 percent a different result such as described above. In Umeå, located the in the Northern part of Sweden, the same results provided a 95,1 percent negative, 1,6 percent positive and 3,3 percent different results. In the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, 82,9 percent of all tests turned out negative for Coronavirus antibodies, 5,7 percent positive and 11,4 percent different results.

Health care professionals working at Min Doktor states that most of the patients visiting the clinics are keen to know whether they have had a Covid-19 infection or not. Most people are also aware that while acquiring knowledge regarding one’s own situation a positive anti body result does not mean one should depart from the overall national strategy and guidelines.

Rapid antibody test at Min Doktor
Rapid antibody testing can be performed at any of the available clinics in Sweden. See

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