Noviral comments on latest development regarding antibody rapid tests

As a leading supplier of one of the most reliable antibody rapid test, a test with a 100 percent IgM specificity and a 99,9 percent IgG specificity according to a study by the University in Uppsala, Sweden, Noviral follows the latest development in regards to antibody rapids tests. Regarding the global and national development in terms of rapid tests, point of care- testing, POC, Noviral wants to make the following statement.

“Noviral continuously follows the ongoing dialogue regarding test strategy and extended testing nationally in Sweden and have great concern as to worries and fears expressed from various sources regarding anti body rapid tests. Noviral is concerned about the existence of invalid information and the lack of differentiation between scientifically verified and confirmed reliable rapid tests and subpar tests.

Following the tightened grip by Covid-19 on Sweden Noviral has been working towards reducing the negative effects due to the pandemic on an individual, society as well as industrial and commercial level. Validating and supplying antibody rapid tests has been one tool used to meet the needs. Then and now Noviral considers these valid and quality assured tests to provide a reliable and cost-efficient tool to map the spread of the Covid-19-infection. With great advantage rapid tests could be included in the overall test strategy to be combined with laboratory testing such as ELISA-tests. I.e. using the best rapid test would be a logistically and economical advantage to perform screening on a larger scale as testing Is extended. The risk for false results is extremely low when using the best and most reliable rapid tests provided. To further reduce the risk for false positive, people those turned out positive for Coronavirus antibodies, usually a minority of the population, could be offered a supplement ELISA-test.

A study published by Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden, states that the Noviral antibody rapid tests provides a remarkably high specificity with 100 percent for IgM and 99,2 percent for IgG. The test is EUA-approved by the Food and drug administration (FDA) in the U.S. and validation provided by FDA states a sensitivity of 100 percent. Currently larger studies are ongoing at Uppsala University to validate these figures and will shortly further confirm the high quality of rapid tests provided in Sweden. To this date Noviral is the only supplier providing an antibody rapid test validated through a study published in Sweden. All the rapid tests provided by Noviral are validated in Sweden to continuously maintain quality and reliability for all tests provided.

Noviral concludes, based on the research provided to this date, that the best antibody rapid tests are valid as test method and that the key point is to establish the quality of these tests and only utilize valid tests on any market. To contribute to further research and validation Noviral is happy to continue providing more rapid tests to research.

To supplement the antibody rapid tests Noviral is currently expanding the portfolio to be able to provide an overall concept in order to track and prevent Covid-19-infection spreading and to help governments, regions, corporates, pharmacies, digital caregivers, occupational health services and others  facilitate a safe return to a normal every day.”

Mikael Jämtberg,
CEO Noviral Sweden

For more information:
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About Noviral
Noviral is a company founded following the Covid-19-pandemic with the vision to help employers and organizations to return their employees efficiently and safely to the workplace. Noviral offers high quality Covid-19-tests, planning and execution of testing, experts and advise along with digital solutions to track and follow spread and symptoms. An overall concept gives support and structure needed by companies to be able to proceed towards a normal every day. Noviral supports research and authorities by sharing collected data. The company is founded by entrepreneurs and investors within medicine, technique, and logistics. Since the beginning Noviral also has a medical advisory board providing advice and expertise within medicine, research, and immunology.